Mario Bajardi

Violinist, Soundesigner, Electroacoustic Musician and Composer.
Sound Design Teacher, Academy of Art, Palermo.
Sound Design Teacher, University of Palermo.
He writes music for tape, electronic synthesizer and orchestra with a particular inclination for soundtracks, documentaries and multimedia productions.
2001: He sets up the Electronic Music Lab of the Conservatory “Vincenzo Bellini” of Palermo.
Finalist at the International Competition of Electronic Music Pierre Shaeffer 2001.
2002: WOMAD 2002, Teatro di Verdura, Palermo.
2003: Winner of the International Computer Music Conference “ICMC2002” with the composition Bjm Violin Studio 7.
2004: “Luigi Russolo” Competition, the composition Bjm Piano is considered worthy of mention.
2005: He composes music for the “Festival Internazionale di Musica Elettronica d’Alta Quota” -International Noise Festival- and opens the showcase of the WARP record.
2006: He wins the competition held by CEMAT and his composition Bjm Piano Studio is included in the compilation “La voce di io”.
In New York he is selected for the cd “Electroacoustic Music from Sicily” produced by EMF, Electronic Music Foundation, New York.
2007: He creates the project INSEMINA (community of musicians/dancers/painters/actors) and takes part in the “Popkomm” of Berlin.
2008: He creates the television programme INSEMINA, music art tv, to develope new music technologies.
2009: He plays in RAI with OGM Orchestra.
He writes music for “Il Mediterraneo”, Sergio Pausing’s community of international artists.
2010: Electroacoustic Concert held in Museo Archeologico Regionale A. Salinas, Palermo. He composes and performs music for the opening of the exhibition “Un Tesoro riapre il Salinas”.
2011: Sound Designer with the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana for Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” and Giacomo Puccini’s “La Tosca”.
He writes and performs music for the first Sicilian Videomapping project.
2011: Music Soundtrack for the Movie “An Internet World” ( Direction: Carlo Fiorletta)
2012: Compose Music for “The Sound of Wine” for Tasca D’Almerita (Agency Mosaicoon)
2013: Composer for Roberta Torre - Trash The Dress
2013: DANCE OUT – International Dance Festival – Music for Giovanna Velardi / Idan  Sharabi  (dancer)
2013: “Insanamente” – inedit music “Soundtrack” (direction – R.Torre)
2013: Compose music for event –  ”FUTURE WORD, SOUNDS, IMMAGE” conference
with A. Bazan, F.Butera, C. Cusimano, Gene Gnocchi, Roberto Mollica, Candida Morvillo, Pif, Roberto Vacca - S.ROSALIA 389 Festino – Palermo -
2013: Compose Music for Giovanna Velardi. Roma
2013: Sound Designer collaboration with Twistead Tools – “Metamorph”
Orchestra Gli Armonici 1995-2000
Videopolis 2000
Paesaggi Italiani 2000
Competition Pierre Shaeffer 2001
ICMC 2002
Insulae Elettronicae 2003
Giornate di Musica Elettronica 2003
Competition Russolo 2003
Hamlet: directed by Carlo Cecchi 2004
Compagnia Festinalente 2004
CEMAT 2005
Homework Festival 2008
Musica d’Alta Quota 2010
Museo Salinas 2012
Videomapping in Palermo 2013
He collaborates with the following artists: Lucina Lanzara, Giovanni Sollima, Alberto Maniaci (con l’orchestra OGM (Orchestra Giovanile Mediterranea), OID (Orchestra Instabile Disaccordo), Sergio Pausig, Oscar Kogoj, Francesco Gallo, Paola Cassarà, Daniela Megna, Gianluca Scuderi, Francesco Vinci, Isobel Blank, Salvo Cuccia, Sergio Cannella, Diego Agullo, Sigmona Sigfrido, Manlio Noto, Yasmina Visconti, Juan Perno, Philippe Berson. Amalia Salemme, Mapi, Roberta Torre, Giovanna Velardi